More: The Project Genesis

A unique Sound + Vision project !

Early 2020, Amanda was in Rome for a TV show when she overheard Riz Ortolani’s More. The Mondo Cane Film Theme had been a huge hit in the 60’s for Frank Sinatra and many others. Amanda herself had worked with Ortolani for the Pyjama Girl Case Film soundtrack.

With More in mind, Amanda shared her idea with her producer Alain Mendiburu to record an updated version of what may be one of the most beautiful love song ever written. Soon the idea of a creative video for More featuring Amanda acting inside of her paintings was scripted by Thibault Guérin. The result is a rare Sound+Vision project which can be considered as a true piece of art.

The track has been recorded at Les Studios Richer, arranged and mixed by Landser and Gael Brusseleers. The post-production and mastering has been made in Geneva by David Hadzis (Arthanor Productions).

Next step : Amanda is currently recording a new album showing a more reflective side of herself. It will be her first mainly French sung album covering some of the best songwriters repertoire.

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