Amanda Lear

Let Me Entertain You

Amanda Lear - Let Me Entertain You

New album, new show ! No need to introduce the one and only miss Amanda Lear !
Amanda is a versatile artist ready to experiment new ways to communicate through her art. The lonely introvert lady becomes larger than life, fascinating, amusing, and moving the audience. Amanda has wanted with “Let me entertain you” return to the tradition of pop music in every sense (varied popular music !) with one goal: to entertain her listeners as the title suggests it. Designed as a musical, Amanda unfolds through 18 songs her love of life with irony or emotion never forgetting that the best is still to come !
This is certainly the most personal album she ever made, every song written or chosen by her unveiling a part of her personality and universe. To highlight this album, a showcase was filmed for italian TV in which she sings 12 titles. It’s a real movie featuring  a more than ever glamourous  Amanda. “Let me entertain you” should make return Amanda back on stage in 2017. Place to the show: Enjoy!