Let Me Entertain You

New album, new show ! No need to introduce the one and only miss Amanda Lear! Amanda is à versatile artist ready to experiment new ways to communicate through her art. The lonely introvert lady becomes larger than life, fascinating, amusing, and moving the audience. If in France the popular actress took over the singer thanks to the success of her plays, internationally It’s the singer who remains popular. Amanda has become like Grace Jones, a true iconic figure of Pop culture and Disco loved by creators.

In 2014,  “Dallas Buyers Club” with  Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto, included her song “Follow me” as one of the main musical  theme. In 2016 it‘s Vuitton which is using Amanda’s “Alphabet”  as the soundtrack of its global advertising campaign for “LV & Me” line of jewels.

In recent years Amanda has developed a new repertoire consisting in covers of well-known adult contemporary and new Dance music songs that have made known her  to a brand new audience. More daring than any of her other artistic activity she did no hesitate to propose with every New album a different approach.,. Who else than Amanda Lear could cover in a symphonic mode Elvis Presley (her latest album), making an album in the purest tradition of the Electronic dance music (the one before), itself following an acoustic album of covers of her favourite jazz singers !

Amanda Lear - Let Me Entertain You

Amanda has wanted with “Let me entertain you” return to the tradition of pop music in every sense (varied popular music !) with one goal: to entertain her listeners as the title suggests it. Designed as a musical, Amanda unfolds through 18 songs her love of life with irony or emotion never forgetting that the best is still to come!

This is certainly the most personal album she ever made, every song written or chosen by her unveiling a part of her personality and universe. After a cabaret introduction (“Let me entertain you” from the musical Gypsy ) where she sings about her “gifts” of “any kind” (“I am versatile”), Amanda ventures to electro swing (“Good to be bad”) and Pop bossa nova (“Si tu savais ma belle”) having fun with her image of the seductive devastating lady!

“Colors” written by Amanda is definitely one of the most beautiful songs she has ever written as she tells about her love of painting and Provence on a magical melody written by Landser, the album arranger. She then covers the classic Cole Porter’s “Mad about the boy” that will delight fans of the “torch singer”.  Alexis Michalik wrote her, again in French, a clever track about the “rumor” that has built her legend… Amanda prefers to laugh rather than to cry about it (“my heart does not hear the idiots”).

Place to the Dance sequence with three “killer” new titles : the french song “Moi je t’aime aujourd’hui”, “The best is yet to come” and “Catwalk “which will drive every one to the dance floor! Amanda has specially recorded for her fans an obviously essential Disco sequence in an album wanting to show her musical world !  She takes, on the original arrangements, “Follow Me”, with new lyrics her mythical “Fashion Pack” and gives a Learesque version of “Can’t take my eyes off you” … and Village people’s “Macho Man”!  She ends this “Dance” sequence on a more self-reflective mode with the elegant “The actress” describing her emotions as an actress facing her audience. Many tracks are played by the strings of Secession Orchestra recorded as the entire album in Paris.

“Prima del tuo cuore” is a new song recorded with the magnifique Italian Pop singer Gianluca De Rubertis with whom she had interpreted in 2015 “May Piu” (top 40 in Italy).

Amanda has wanted to end the “show” , as she had started it, in Cabaret fashion. It is first a sublime cover of “La belle vie” (the good life)  highlighting her warm voice before concluding with the very punchy “For me formidable”, which she sang with Aznavour on french TV.

The final song summarizes her philosophy of life:  The evergreen “Smile” on an arrangement mixing emotion and rhythm, an upbeat song. a song deliberately turned towards the future As Amanda!

To highlight this album, a showcase was filmed for italian TV in which she sings 12 titles. It’s a real movie featuring  a more than ever glamourous  Amanda. “Let me entertain you” should make return Amanda back on stage in 2017.

Place to the show: Enjoy!

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